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The value of email marketing + How to leverage it for your business
Rebecca DeYarman
Email Marketing
June 2022

The “ding” of your computer or phone as your inbox refreshes is slightly addictive. The sound entices you to glance, at least quickly, to satisfy: Who is it from? What’s it about?

Over 300 billion emails are floating around cyberspace daily. Is your business one of them? Are they compelling to open? And then relevant enough to get the recipient to act on them?

If you didn’t answer yes, yes, and yes, you could be missing out on significant ROI by not sending effective email marketing campaigns to your prospects and customers.

Inbox Insights

Email can significantly impact your business and your bottom line. According to data from 2021, email marketing scores above and beyond all other marketing channels for a positive return on investment.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $36. This outweighs the benefits of all digital marketing channels and even traditional ones!

Email marketing drives sales with 60% of consumers saying they've made a purchase because of an email. In addition, Wordstream reported that in 2021 email marketing had a conversion rate of 4.29%. That's higher than search traffic, direct traffic, and social media efforts. In fact, email marketing has been the top-performing channel for more than a decade, so it's no surprise that 80% of professionals say that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention in their business.  

But email marketing delivers more than just sales. It also provides a wealth of customer insights and engagement.

  • Email marketing allows your company to get to know your audience. Don't just send it and forget it. Instead, utilize your reporting tools to discover audience interaction with your content and adjust your email and overall marketing plan.
  • Email reaches your customers quickly right on their device. Mobile opens account for over 60% of email interactions. Do you have a new product or service? Announcement? Sale? Reach your customers instantaneously at their finger tips.
  • Email increases brand loyalty. 61% of consumers report that they enjoy receiving email promotions. But make sure your emails get opened by being intentional with your messaging.

Deliver Email Engagement

Email marketing is an effective tool for engaging with customers and prospects. But how do you get started?

Create your email marketing plan

Determine the goals of your emails, the frequency, the platform, and the logistical details surrounding your campaigns.

Evaluate your audience 

Determine your target audience. What tone of voice will your brand use to engage with them? This is also an excellent time to clean up your email database and ensure you have an active, engaged, and opted-in audience.

Practice strategic list segmentation

Dig into the details of your CRM and contact list. List segmentation allows you to target and send relevant emails to your audience—no more spamming all your contacts. Instead, proper segmentation delivers your email to a select audience within your contact list to those most interested in that specific message. This results in higher email open rates and conversion rates.

Create your message

Develop clear content with purpose. Write intentional and click-provoking headlines. Combine compelling content—written and visual—and a clear call to action to have the best potential for converting your target audience. 

Schedule your email

Use the right email marketing software to schedule your highly targeted message easily. When combined with a verified and reputable email service, your company can avoid your client’s spam box. 

Send and analyze your campaign

Analyze your campaign to see what worked and what didn’t. Bounce rates, open rates, unsubscribe or click-through rates, and spam complaints all provide insight into your campaign and one metric in particular, deliverability. Deliverability is not that the email was delivered; instead, it further defines if the email made it to the inbox vs. the dreaded spam box. After all, it has to make it to the inbox for the email to help your ROI. 

Send Content That Converts

As with all marketing campaigns, email marketing requires intentionality, strategy, and consistency.

Strategic email marketing delivers relevant communication that educates, excites, and engages prospects and customers with your business.

To boost that bottom line ROI, you can take your campaigns further with a few advanced strategies: 

A/B Testing

A/B Testing involves running two email versions to different list segments to determine the most effective elements for driving conversions. This could include your subject line, headings, content, visual imagery, or calls to action.

Automation Workflows

Email automation is a sequence of emails sent after a user takes a specific action like signing up for your newsletter, downloading your lead gen, or making a purchase. It’s a powerful marketing tool that saves time and improves results by communicating relevant information, engaging with subscribers, and improving their brand experience.

Nurture Campaigns

Nurture campaigns send emails based on a user’s action on your website or a link. This strategy effectively drives conversions as users receive relevant messaging based on their expressed interest and activity. With a lead nurturing campaign, your company recognizes the specific stage of the buyer’s journey and ushers the user through the sales funnel with intentional and strategic content.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns methodically send emails based on time versus expressed interest to guide prospective customers through the process. Each email in a drip campaign stands on its own and builds upon the others as they are strategically sequenced. As a result, they are most effective in educating prospects on your products or services and keeping your brand top of mind.

Forward for Results

It can be challenging to prioritize effective email marketing when you're busy running a company or even over flashy digital marketing channels. But with the right strategies, you ensure your prospects and customers see and hear from you, which pays dividends in the short and long term for your business!

It's never too late to create an effective email marketing strategy. Whether you have a newsletter template that's gone stale or haven't utilized your email list in a while, the marketing professionals at MatchPoint Partners are experts in balancing all the necessary elements of email marketing to deliver content that converts.

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