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What are Google Ads + Why your business needs them
Rebecca DeYarman
Paid Ads
May 2022

Google is the largest search platform on the planet. The company name itself is used as a verb synonymous with “search.” If there’s something you to need to know, just Google it.

Plumber near me: 663 million results.
Recruiter in Atlanta: 94.4 million results.
Where can I buy a cake today: 479 million results.

But if you’re a plumber, how can you get noticed in 663 million search results or a bakery with same-day delivery among 479 million options? This is the value-add of Google Ads. Google advertising helps businesses get discovered among the millions listed in the search engine results.

Why Google Ads

SEOTribunal estimates that 3.8 million Google searches take place every minute! So, what better platform to be front and center than one with over 2 trillion searches per year?

Google ads provide the potential to show up at the top of search results, ahead of organic results even, to drive traffic to your digital front door.

So, if you’re looking for a way to connect with your target audience, Google Ads is undoubtedly worth considering. Businesses thrive and grow with the help of the Google ads platform every day. By promoting your business, raising awareness, selling products or services, and increasing traffic to your website, Google ads are the perfect way to attract new business to your brand.

How Google Ads Work

Google ads promote your product or service through hyper-targeted online advertisements. No more yellow pages of a phone book!

Google advertisements are informational marketing ads served by Google to searchers.Often this occurs when someone is searching Google for a product or service. Google delivers them through a complex algorithm with a ranking bid system to bring the most relevant ad to the user when they are searching for that information.  

The ability to determine the individual searcher’s intent makesGoogle ads particularly unique. Are they researching a product? Are they ready to buy? If so, your brand could catch their attention through thoughtfully curated Google ad content.

Ads provide a resource for your business to place your products, service offerings, reviews, and other information front and center for prospective clients ready to purchase.

Setting Up Google Ads

Getting started with Google ads involves a carefully planned and executed advertising strategy. Your industry, audience, and goals will help determine the best strategy for your business as you embark on your Google ads journey.

There are several essential elements to your Google ad strategy you must consider.  

Advertising Goal

What is the overall goal of my Google ads campaign? Brand awareness? Increased traffic? Phone calls? Inquiries? Sales? Your advertising goals will ultimately drive the strategy behind your campaign.

Advertising Budget

Google ads are based on a daily ad spend. This means that your company will allocate a set amount of funds utilized each day by Google ads. The competitive nature of your industry may impact your budget, as you will be charged each time a searcher clicks on your ad. Therefore, it is best to have a realistic idea of your budget. While there is no minimum budget, Google will typically recommend $10-$50/day as a competitive budget for advertisers with room to grow.


Google allows you to target specific audiences with your ad content. This typically includes geographic and demographic targeting and specifying audiences based on their devices and the days/times they search.

Search Keywords

Search keywords are the terms you wish to “bid” on in a Google search auction. A Google search auction occurs in the blink of an eye when a searcher enters their query. Google ranks ad results based on quality score and bid, which factors in your keywords, ad content, and expected landing page experience. Your keywords must be relevant to your product or service offerings. Advertisers see the most success when these keywords (or variations of them) appear naturally on the ad landing page. 

Ad Content

Ad content must follow advertising policy and contain a specific character count for ad headlines and descriptions. This copy should be carefully planned, including important keywords and a specific call to action.Your ad is what the searcher will see and ultimately choose to click on to reach your company’s website.

Landing Page

Each ad must point a searcher to a page on your website. Many companies specifically design landing pages to provide a seamless route to the desired action in the purchasing journey. Landing pages should be clear and contain a specific call to action for the searcher.

Get Started With Google Ads

While Google advertising campaigns are complex, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of utilizing this platform as part of their marketing plan.  

Setting up and leveraging your campaign and advertising budget is essential and can often feel overwhelming. At MatchPoint Partners, our certified Google Ads team has expertise running successful campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses. So let’s team up to put your business first and  on Google.

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