Dominate the Feed with Social Ads

How paid social media ads improve revenue + Take you above the competition.
Rebecca DeYarman
Paid Ads
August 2022

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and culture. With global participation nearing 60%, you can be sure that members of your target audience are engaged in digital research and discussion. 

Once a world of organic social media posting, many platforms have shifted to a "pay to play" method to keep brands active and visible on their channels. Take Facebook, for example. With organic post engagement for Facebook pages dipping to a meager 0.07%, according to a2022 Hootsuite study, stepping up your Company Page's ad game is vital to make the most of your social media presence. 

Social media advertising allows your brand to reinforce your other marketing campaigns across other channels and capitalize on the hard work you have done. Not only will your prospects read your emails, see your Google ads, notice your logo at sponsored events, and more, they now see your products and services showcased front and center where they spend their time on social media.  

So whether your target audience can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform, social media ads offer businesses the opportunity to dominate the feed and place valuable information front and center for their prospects and clients. 

Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Advertising

If your business is ready to increase your revenue significantly, outrank the competition, and drive new buyers to your virtual (or physical) doorstep, then understanding social media ad best practices is an essential next step.

Determine Your Target Audience 

Understanding your prospects is the starting point for creating a strategic and effective social media ad investment. Your social media ad targeting will ultimately determine the success or failure of your ads. This crucial step in ad creation requires client research and understanding your target audience and ideal buyer. By answering the following questions, your ads can be strategically placed in front of the right prospects at the right time:

  • Age Range
  • Demographic
  • Gender
  • Marital or Family Status
  • Hobbies/Interest
  • Occupation
  • Buyer Habits 
  • Other Factors that Make Your Audience Unique 

This information will enable your brand to create relevant, timely content that resonates with your audience. 


Build Where They Already Engage

Do you know what platform your ideal client or buyer is using? When you understand your target audience and what makes them tick, your business can find the best platforms to reach that audience.

What if your audience spends their time on multiple platforms? Perhaps they spend their workdays on LinkedIn and their free time on Facebook. Don't limit yourself to just one platform. If a case can be made for multiple channels, create a plan to advertise to your prospects and clients where they frequent throughout the day for both work and pleasure. 

Create a Media Ad Plan

 Just winging it when it comes to social media ads can be a costly mistake. Having distinct goals and a plan of action for all your advertising campaigns is necessary. 

  • Set a Goal for Your Ads // What Will This Ad Achieve? 
  • Set Relevant KPIs // What Measurements Will Be Considered a Success?
  • Determine a Brand Voice // What is My Brand Personality + Tone?
  • Use Client Language, Not Jargon // Does My Audience Understand Me?
  • Use High-Quality + Relevant Visuals // Are My Images Intentional?
  • Provide a Compelling CTA // Will My Audience Be Inclined to Take Action?
  • Design a Relevant Landing Page // Do I Answer My Buyer's Questions in One Convenient Location? 
  • Make It Trackable // Can I Determine the Full Success of My Ads? 

Setting up a foolproof game plan for social media advertising makes all the difference in your campaign's impact, measurability, and overall success. 

Craft + Implement the Right Ad Type 

Whether your ads are designed for brand awareness, bottom of funnel engagement, lead generation forms, retargeting, or another goal, having a detailed plan enables future tweaks to be made with relevant data in mind and helps set you up for success. 

Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness ads allow your company to showcase the unique features, products, and services to buyers who don't yet know they need you. By utilizing your unique ad plan, your ad will incorporate a relatable tone of voice and value proposition to present to a new audience. 

Brand awareness ads are great for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as any company wishing to expand the reach of their brand to those who remain unfamiliar with your services/products. 

Bottom of the Funnel Engagement 

When a prospect reaches the "bottom of the funnel," they are at a point where they are making a purchasing decision. This typically occurs after the prospect puts in time and effort to research options to meet their needs. Therefore, a strategic plan and campaign for this phase of the buyer's journey are essential to converting prospects to customers and seeing ROI.

These ads are the opportunity to provide more specific information about your brand's products and services and convince them to choose you over a competitor. They may include tactics like promotional codes or specials, detailed product comparisons, and testimonials or case studies to increase conversions.

Lead Generation Forms

Facebook ads specifically allow businesses to collect client and prospect information straight from ads. These ads work to build interest in your product or service and entice the prospect to complete a form that provides your company with their contact information directly. This is a great way to generate leads for your sales and marketing teams to followup on or include in a strategic email marketing campaign. 

Retarget & Remarket  

Retargeting campaigns allow you to showcase your products and services to prospects who have visited your website or interacted with your app. These ads draw the user back to your company and reinforce the unique selling proposition of your brand. These ads feature imagery and strategic copy to guide the prospect back into the buyer's journey. 


Test, Adjust, Repeat

When you know your audience and where they are engaging, have a solid game plan, and focus on the correct ad type, your company is set up for social media ad success. Test your ads. Review your metrics. Make adjustments based on that data and continue to dominate the feed. 


Get Started with Social Media Advertising

If your company isn't already utilizing paid social media tactics and practices, you may miss out on a wealth of prospective clients and customers. Or perhaps you've tried social ads in the past with little to no success. 

Social media advertising is complex. That's why the professional team at MatchPoint Partners takes exceptional care to create the ideal social ads plan for your unique brand, goals, and industry. 

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