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Content + SEO = A Winning ROI Strategy
Rebecca DeYarman
Content Marketing
November 2022

Having an attractive website may be an essential step in grabbing your prospective client’s attention. But keeping them onsite is what will ultimately win the sale!

Content creation is a revenue-generating initiative that serves various functions when it comes to the success of your website.

Content + SEO Work Hand-in-Hand

What’s good for Google is what is best for your website. Google is in the business of offering exceptional customer service to its client: the searcher. They do this by providing searchers with the most relevant answers to their online questions and queries.

When your website speaks directly to your ideal client, uses the terms they are searching for, and spurs engagement, your content is well on the way to successfully combining SEO + ROI.


Google Helpful Content Update

In August of 2022, Google released an updated rightfully named “Google Helpful Content.” This algorithm change showcased just how serious Google is about websites producing and delivering quality content.

In past updates, algorithms would scan websites and penalize a page of the site for what it deemed to be a violation of best practices. However, the Helpful Content update will penalize the entire website! This means that the poor content of a single page can directly impact your website’s ranking.


Will Google’s Content Update Impact My Business?

So, what exactly is this update, and what does it mean for your company? Google continues to scan your website to determine whether users find the information written within the content helpful. Google can do this by scanning content for things like duplication, repetitive keywords, content clearly written to trick search engines, and more.

Google can also see how searchers interact with your website. Are they clicking on links to dive deeper into your site? Are they spending time on each page? Or are they immediately bouncing off the site to continue their search elsewhere?

Content is no joke for the team at Google and their latest algorithm update. So if you are creating content to game the system to rank rather than creating content specific to your user, then it’s time to adjust the strategy!


How Can I Keep My Website at the Top?

Success on Google, just like success in business, involves a customer-centric approach.

While Google continues to make algorithm changes, one thing remains constant: the searcher is the priority.

How can your company develop customer-centric content? First, determine your target audience. These are the people you will be speaking to directly. Second, grab their attention. Third, engage your audience by answering their questions and solving their problems.


Determine Your Target Audience

Who is your ideal customer? Utilize your buyer persona information to determine how to develop new content best. If you don’t have a detailed buyer persona profile or aren’t sure what content speaks best to them, let’s chat! MatchPoint Partners can help you identify the ideal audience for your business and how to best speak to them online.

Speak to Your Audience

As you create content for your audience, think about their pain points and how you can solve them. Use terms and language that they also use. Avoid industry jargon and acronyms.

Keep it simple. Your audience is looking for information that they need. Online content aims to meet that need and drive the searcher further into the sales funnel.

Engage + Solve

When content aligns with a searcher’s values, it increases the organic ranking opportunity. When a searcher clicks on your site and navigates through multiple pages, their actions tell Google that they have found something of value on your site. This, again, increases your ranking opportunity. It also moves the searcher from the discovery phase to the research phase and often to the purchase phase. This is your content + SEO strategy winning the ROI game!


Rank My Website

Are you ready to take your content to the next level? Developing a strategic content strategy is an essential piece of the sales puzzle. As users find your content, engage, and take action, custom-curated content should meet them at every step of the process.

MatchPoint Partners is your website content strategy professional. Connect with our industry experts to develop a game plan to take your prospects from discovery to purchase.

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