A Case for Business Case Studies

Learn why case studies make a powerful tool in customer acquisition, marketing, and sales.
Rebecca DeYarman
Content Marketing
February 2022

As a business owner, you work hard to provide exceptional services or products to your clients. There are undoubtedly many advantages to selecting your company over the competition. But how do you convince prospective clients they need what you have to offer?

In an increasingly competitive market, it is vital for businesses of all sizes to simply, clearly, and articulately explain their products or services and their superior benefits to prospects. Case studies may be just the medium your brand needs to separate itself from the competition!

Why Should My Company Develop a Case Study?

A case study summarizes a real-life business scenario of a customer's situation or dilemma and outlines the resolution.

Essentially, this study is a synopsis of how your product or service helped a real-life client solve a problem or achieve their goal.

A case study covers information regarding your clients, such as:

  • Geographic information
  • Gender
  • Industry
  • Other demographics relevant to the overall goal of the client
  • How the client utilized your service or product
  • Information specific to the client's business needs or the challenge working to solve

This information allows your prospects to see themselves in the business scenario. It gives them a more tangible picture of how your company can truly be the answer to the problem they've been working to solve.

A case study also provides social proof and evidence that your company is more than just words. You are action.

It is documented proof and statistics of factual situations where your product or service made an impact. This is a powerful tool used in customer acquisition, marketing, and sales.

What is the Case Study Creation Process?

When developing a compelling case study for your business, there are a few steps that you must take to ensure it will include all relevant information.

When creating a case study, it is essential to work through the following:

Get the facts.

Gather relevant demographic information about the client, including geography, industry, number of employees, income, gender, etc.

Determine your questions.

Develop a list of questions to ask the client. These questions should help you better understand the client's challenge, how your product or service helped them solve it, and what they achieved with your solution.

Conduct the interview.

Interview the client and collect their responses. This will include both opinions and facts/stats about the success of the product or service.

Write it up.

Assemble the information collected that you wish to share about your clients. Consider how a powerful case study feature can benefit both companies.

Format the data.

Format your write-up into an aesthetically pleasing structure that can share across relevant platforms. Often case studies are sectioned by challenge, solution, and results.

Share your success.

Whether it is posting on your website, printing hard copies, featuring on social media, or sending information through email, share your client's success across relevant marketing channels as part of your overall strategy.

Will My Case Study Be Successful?

As with all sales and marketing efforts, case studies require planning and strategic execution. Before you begin, determine the specific goal of your case study.

Ask yourself:

  • What buyer persona am I trying to reach?
  • What client success story will best resonate with this persona?
  • Where does this persona engage online?
  • How can I ensure my case study is front and center for my prospects to find?

According to Dooly, 54% of sales professionals say that they can trace a sale back to social engagement. A case study, as mentioned, is the perfect way to show social proof of success and provides the opportunity to share tangible results across multiple social platforms.

Hubspot research found that up to 63% of prospects may be unfamiliar with your business when a salesperson reaches out to them. A case study is an excellent introductory tool to grab their attention, build trust, and start the conversation.

How Do I Get Started?

A well-done case study can require intensive preparation, time, formatting, and delivery. At MatchPoint Partners, we understand the limited time and resources of small to mid-sized companies. That is why our team works to provide you with exceptional and compelling case studies while your team is freed up to optimize time within their respective business roles.

Connect with us to learn more about how our team can create an effective and impactful case study to help you expand your reach and drive more prospective clients to your business.

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