Top 3 Tips to Create High-Converting Landing Pages

The game-changing impact of landing pages + Tips to increase conversions with thoughtful design + execution.
Rebecca DeYarman
July 2022

Clients and prospects are facing more options than ever before. So how can your company ensure that those arriving at your website take action in this competitive landscape?  

Reduce Website Bounce Rate with Landing Pages

The number of products and services across the world wide web is growing by the second. We live in a globally connected society that can access a wealth of information with a simple Google search. 

With competition growing and attention spans shrinking, how can businesses take advantage of the milliseconds of attention given to a page before a prospect decides whether or not to click away from your website? 

A business must consider three essential elements of its landing page design. Without these components, a searcher will likely "bounce" or navigate immediately away from your website without taking any action. 

Avoid high bounce rates and develop high converting landing pages by focusing on three elements of landing page design: Aesthetics, Content, and Call to Action

01 | Develop Eye Pleasing Aesthetic

Have you ever clicked on a website that was simply difficult to view or navigate? Perhaps elements were moving about the screen, pop-ups were interrupting your view, and colors did not complement the design. 

A pleasing aesthetic for your landing page is one of the most important factors in landing page design. Design elements inspire searchers to not only stop and look but to stay on your website and continue searching for the products or services they need. 

But how can a company create this ideal digital environment for the searcher to comfortably explore? 

Balance the Color Pallet

A notable factor in design is a pleasing and functional color pallet. Finding complementary colors that work together allows your website to reach the searcher effectively. Colors often induce emotion or may hold significant meaning depending on your industry or culture. Color also plays a role in ADA compliance, and creating a usable interface for those with disabilities to access and utilize your website easily is essential. 

For these reasons (and many others), it is important to carefully and meticulously evaluate your color pallet during the landing page design process.  

Utilize White Space

While one may assume that leaving gaps and spaces across a landing page is a "waste of space," the opposite has been proven to be true. This is because the human mind desires to skim websites quickly, and the eye is naturally drawn to text and images that appear to standalone. 

By carefully and strategically implementing white space in your landing page design, you offer searchers the ideal environment to easily skim your page. By placing links, buttons, and other strategic calls to action throughout the page, your white space works to effectively push the searcher to the next step of the buyer's journey. 

Choose the Correct Images

Imagery can be a powerful tool in landing page design. Determine the most impactful image or images for your page and strategically place those images in the appropriate space. Balance is key, as the images must be relevant, load quickly, and add value to the landing page experience instead of distracting from it. 

02 | Write Compelling Copy

A landing page should have a specific goal and focus in mind. Focusing on too broad of a range can confuse readers or frustrate them when they don't find the answer(s) they are looking for. On the other hand, too narrow of content can mistakenly and unintentionally misinform the reader and muddy your call to action. 

Use Their Tone

When developing landing page copy, keeping the audience in mind is vital. Your content will project a specific tone that should match the way your audience communicates. When you speak in a tone of voice developed specifically for your target prospects, you speak their language and build trust with them. You will also simplify their search as they will find the information they are searching for much more quickly than if they must translate industry jargon.  

Include Keywords

Landing pages must always include relevant keywords for the searcher, whether used in Google ads, social media campaigns, email blasts, or other digital opportunities. By keeping SEO best practices in mind, your content will be audience-centric and include short and long-tail keywords that your prospects are actually using. Not only is this a great technical practice, but it works to build trust with the audience as a company that truly "gets them." 

03 | Add a Call to Action

Every landing page should include a specific and actionable call to action (CTA). Without a call to action, your page is simply educational without a clear directive.

Don't let your hard work fall flat! Ensure your audience has a clear and guided next step that they can take to solve their problem or meet their need. 

Your call to action should be short, simple, and easy to understand. When the next step involves intensive thought or too many clicks, your audience may get lost or simply drop off. CTAs work to make your prospects' lives easier as you guide them down the sales funnel and closer to making a purchase.  

Create Your Landing Page

Working to develop and create a high-converting landing page takes time. Strategic planning, research, and thoughtful execution all play a significant role in creating the perfect landing page for your campaign. 

Combining the elements of a landing page can be overwhelming. We get it. Match Point Partners has extensive experience in landing page copy and design development that results in conversions. 

Reach out today. Let's chat about your business goals and how exceptional landing page design can make all the difference in your campaign's success.

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